All of the schools within our Alliance support the Ninestiles Teaching School to perform aspects of the role. Together we will work to ensure that we have a breadth of competence and capacity to provide high quality support in a particular area. This might include initial teacher training, continuing professional development or leadership development provision. Alliance members are invited to be represented on the Strategic Group panel, as well as assigning representatives to be part of the sub-committee Management and Development groups. Together we quality assure all of the provision on offer, so that we are leading a school-led improvement system.

Our provision is marketed beyond our Alliance and other schools are more than welcome to benefit from any of the Big 6.

School to School Support
Succession Planning and Talent Management
Research and Development

Interested In Joinning?

For details on joining the Alliance and/or further information on any of the work within the ‘BIG 6’ and beyond please do not hesitate to contact
Elizabeth Ford – Director of Ninestiles Teaching School Alliance