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How effective is Modelling at Cockshut Hill School?

Adam Whitaker
Role(s): Lead Practitioner Science

For my Masters I will be: Rethinking Science Practicals in a Secondary School Context in England. Within science, the old national curriculum focused on coursework as a way of assessing students practical ability, however within the new science curriculum there is more of a focus on students learning 21 practicals which will appear in their exam. I am doing this due to some interesting data I collected, when the new national curriculum was changed, which indicated that the new science practicals are benefiting the students understanding and improving their confidence. Due to this data, I decide that my masters should be about exploring how and possibly why the practicals are benefiting the students. This will be done by looking at my colleagues views on these practicals and focusing on how best to deliver them to the students. By the end of my Master I hope to have some more information on these practicals and be able to deliver it to my colleagues and upscale them in the required practical delivery.