Ninestiles School, An Academy

Ben Hunt (Qualified 2017 with South Birmingham SCITT)
Role(s): Maths Teacher

My latest assignment submission towards my Post Graduate Diploma is based upon a 2017 publication called “How I wish I taught maths” (Barton, C). In it Barton outlines his ideas around the teaching of mathematics, from questioning to examples and even schemes of learning. Since its publication it has proven very popular on EduTwitter, with many of his ideas being taken as revolutionary and the way forward in mathematical teaching.

One of the ideas that seems to be very popular is that of “intelligent practice”, the idea that through a carefully designed sequence of non-verbal questions new ideas can be taught efficiently and without developing misconceptions. This theory is not a new one, and has its basis in variation theory developed by F.Marton in the early 90s. I have outlined an investigation to be carried out within my department as to how frequently this theory is implemented. However, before this investigation can be carried out a further critique of the theoretical framework outlined by Barton will be conducted.

Tom Bond (Qualified 2017 with South Birmingham SCITT)
Role(s): English Teacher

My latest assignment submission towards my Post Graduate Diploma is looking at the ‘Academic Word List’ as synthesised by Averil Coxhead (2000) and the impact that it has had across the wider teaching community while also considering the implications for using it in a modern secondary school in Birmingham. The idea that children need access to an extensive vocabulary is nothing groundbreaking, though in order for those students with pupil premium status to compete on a level playing field there is a substantial gulf in reading ages and vocabulary to close with non-pupil premium pupils. By using academic word list-based activities in lessons consistently and clearly, there is the opportunity for pupil premium students to access the language needed to access higher marks in their tests while still reinforcing the knowledge and skills of non-pupil premium students.