School experience

Our aim is to ensure that your experience is beneficial to enable you to apply for an ITT place – hopefully with South Birmingham SCITT. As a Teaching School with SCITT Provision we have a wealth of experience with ITT and have trained new teachers for 15 years.

We offer a range of subjects through Schools Direct and the SCITT provider allocations. We offer a range of age & ability in all of our subjects, and will endeavour to ensure that your 5 days gives you an insight into the teaching profession.  You can find further detail of our course which provides individuals with QTS and at least the PGCertEd our website – and I am sure you’ll meet some of our current trainees whilst you are completing your week.

Our School Experience Placement is for 5 days. All individuals on our school experience must have a DBS with us or with the Update Service. We will organize this with you at the point of booking. 

Monday am: 

Introduction to school experience week. Including how to learn from observing others, professional conduct and submitting the best application.

Monday pm: 

Introduction to the school setting; to include aspects such as behavior, SEND outline, T&L lead. A tour of the school and to meet key individuals for example: senior team, head of department / phase lead, colleagues / current and ex – SCITT trainees.

Tuesday – Friday am: 

Observe a range of lessons – to include varying age and ability.

Plan and deliver a small activity with some students.

Friday pm: 

Reflection Task to be completed.

To book a place please go through

Alternatively contact our colleagues at South Birmingham SCITT directly at

We very much look forward to welcoming you to Ninestiles Academy Trust and hope you have a valuable experience. Please keep in touch and we hope to welcome you onto our South Birmingham SCITT Programme next September!