Action Research can be viewed as a form of disciplined inquiry utilised by teachers to better understand student learning and teacher effectiveness. It determines ways in which to enhance the lives of children. It can enhance the lives of those professionals who work within educational systems. Action Research has been directly linked to the professional growth and development of teachers.

It can …
a. help teachers develop new knowledge directly related to their classrooms
b. promote reflective teaching and thinking
c. expand teachers’ pedagogical repertoire
d. put teachers in charge of their own craft
e. reinforce the link between practice and student achievement
f. foster an openness towards new ideas and learning new things
g. gives teachers ownership of effective practices

Your action-research engaged classroom begins with a question about classroom experiences, issues or challenges. It is a reflective process, which helps you to explore and examine aspects of teaching and learning and to take action to change and improve.

What it is … a process to improve education through change, collaborative, cyclical, practical & relevant, within context of environment, how to do things better, exploration & discovery of creative solutions.

What it is not … problem solving, research on or about people, linear, conclusive, generalising to larger populations, implementation of predetermined answers.

(Hine, G., The importance of action research in teacher education Issues in educational research 23(2), 2013)

We would like to share the areas in which colleagues are carrying out Action Research to collaborate and support one another’s development. If you would like to summarise and send your small scaled action research for the website, please do to

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