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Entry Requirements

Applicants must have the following prior to submitting their application:

If you do not have GCSE (or overseas equivalent certified by NARIC), the only equivalency testing we accept are Educate Teaching

Applicants must have the following additional criteria before an unconditional offer can be made:

Primary are required to demonstrate a broad understanding of the Primary National Curriculum.

Secondary are required to demonstrate an understanding of their subject through their degree and/or ALevels. This may also be supplemented through a Subject Knowledge Enhancement programme (




Trainees who follow Schools Direct or Provider-led placements are classed as ‘students’ in Further Education and therefore will be required to pay the £9000 tuition fee. There is an opportunity to gain financial support for the tuition fee by taking finance from the Student Finance England. It is the responsibility of the trainee to seek this financial support and we strongly advise applications for student finance are done at an early stage. Applicants do not need a confirmed place to begin the process, but instead can use their first choice of course to submit their application, which can then be updated later.

The tuition fee of £9000 is then paid in 3 installments across the year (25%, 25%, 50%).


The National College for Teaching and Leadership offer some bursaries for particular eligibility, according to degree class, the subject applied for and securing a teaching post in England once qualified.


The Institute of Physics, Royal Society of Chemistry, Institute of Mathematics and the Academy of Computing are encouraging students to apply for scholarships worth £25,000. These organisations can be contacted directly on their websites.


Trainees allocated a School Direct Salaried placement will be classed as employed by their main placement school and will be paid at LEAST Unqualified Teacher Point 1 pay scale. Individuals applying for salaried placements are required to have more school experience than non-salaried, this is because under agreement with the Consortium and employing school, those individuals are capable of having a portion of teaching responsibility from the start of the programme; this will be limited and agreed prior to the course commencing.



All applications are made through UCAS Teacher Training, using the ‘Apply’ system on their website:

Due to leading on School Direct, School Direct Salaried and Provider-led placements we have to have three different provider codes on UCAS (190, N32 & 226), however all of our programmes and placements are led in the same way – so it really doesn’t matter which you choose! The key thing is it is Ninestiles ITT Consortium & BPTP and the correct course code (e.g Primary or a specific secondary subject) that you want to apply for.

We adhere to the guidelines set by UCAS to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly and they understand clearly what is on offer to them, in order to make a decision which is right for them, based upon accurate and up to date information. We accept applications from Apply 1 and Apply 2.

Choosing the right reference is vital to support your application; UCAS collects the references, and it isn’t until this point that we can see applications. We advise that applicants choose:

Fraudulent applications

All applications are checked against the UCASTT database for fraud, and personal statements are vetted through their similarity detection device. If you omit any compulsory information we reserve the right to withdraw or amend our offer.



If an application is successful, the individual will be invited to interview. The interview is a two-stage process; the first is a Consortium based initial interview, and if successful this is followed by a School-Based interview to initiate a placement offer. We endeavor to get both interview stages complete in one day however, it is important for applicants to be aware and to note that it may be required to be across two days.

Stage 1

Welcome and introductions. Numeracy & Literacy indicator assessments (if Professional Skills tests not yet obtained) Subject knowledge assessment Formal interview panel Qualification and Certificate documentation check

Stage 2

Tour of the school Delivery of a short lesson to a small group of students Please note we do aim for this stage to be held in the potential main placement school. However, this can be discussed on an individual basis during Stage 1 and will take into account the applicants development and locality requirements.

If successful, a conditional offer will be made through UCAS, subject to the completion of: Professional Skills Tests, Enhanced DBS, Occupational Health Check, Degree completion (where relevant), Proof of eligibility to work or study in the UK (where relevant) and additional conditions if deemed appropriate to the individual application.